7:00 pm


British recording artists and film composing duo Mike and Charlotte Truman, better known as Hybrid come to Sheffield on 10th November.

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Hybird have gained international acclaim for their ability to combine contemporary electronic music with enveloping orchestral scores and soundscapes. Their first artist album ‘Wide Angle’ in 1999 was considered to be ground breaking in fusing modern production with performances from the Russian Federal Orchestra. They have written a further four artist albums, composed the scores to many critically acclaimed films and have remixed artists as diverse as Radiohead, UNKLE, Jean Michelle Jarre, Moby, Future Sound of London, The Orb and New Order.

Their heavyweight combination of soaring orchestration and cutting edge production will be back on the road with a full live band and visual show in celebration of their latest album, Light Of The Fearless. Hybrid’s fifth studio album is firmly based on the foundation of the principles and standards set by previous albums but there’s a clear development and evolution. Never wanting to write the same album twice, Mike & Charlotte have taken another step forward and have created a cinematic, electronic album with songs and beats that stylistically borrow from their collective teenage love of soul, funk, drum & bass and film scores.